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We have a Mission that enables people to make their own choices about their health with WeLoxx. The Vision convinces customer with a long-term trust relationship with Erib and its team. We offer clear solutions. The Problem of overweight, obesity and diabetes 2 we solve with products that have an amazing technology inside and a team that can execute. Erib Ltd. is a Swiss BioNanoMedtech and Pharmaceutical company who makes wearable, wireless medical Devices in combination with biological, swallowable BioNanoSensors for stomach fluid analysis and diagnostics. The Erib patents and patend pendings allows a sustainability. In our current phase we are able to give a solution for holders of type 2 diabetes.

It's researched, developed, designed with different modular design for the mass market application, depending on application area and products for medication manufactured to the user to increase health and productivity.

We decided a working principle which is based on transparency and openness. We keep our promises and honor our

We work systematically, efficiently and with a results-oriented approach; We are aiming to long-term success. We reduce
problems and increase solutions..

We strive not only for the adoption of changes, we steer in the right direction. We support new and diverse ideas. We don't wait for,we are doing act.

We seek continuous improvement and development in all our activities and products. We take our strength from continuous
development. We are open to criticism, take contact form when........

We aim to change the experience with diagnostics for everyone in simple manner.                    

Erib licenses its technology to leading pharmaceutical and insurance vendors.





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